TurboChef Connect

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Sota with TurboChef Connect

Simply scan and cook with TurboChef Connect, a patented technology solution from TurboChef and its partner OvenFeast®! TurboChef Connect makes using the Sǒta oven easier, faster and safer. Once cooking begins, data is collected and stored in a real-time cloud system, ready for simple data retrieval and analysis pertaining to operations and usage.

  • Consistency: Cook settings are embedded on a barcode attached to the food item packaging, meaning no interaction with the oven user interface is required. This also ensures brand protection and consistent quality output every time.
  • Traceability: Real-time data on oven performance is provided by product, including P&L, POS, materials planning, business analytics, and remote diagnostics.
  • Safety: Food safety is verified in real-time for assistance with HACCP – in case of product expiration, recall, or invalid food item relative to menu or time of day, the oven will not cook the item.

Call 1-800-90TURBO for more information!

*TurboChef Connect is compatible with the Sǒta oven. Support is offered with qualified food suppliers only.