Ventless Certification

Cost SavingsWhy is ventless operation so important? Because hoods consume extra energy, drive up utility and installation costs, and restrict the ability to install the oven in a location that best suits your needs.

Existing building HVAC is the most economical and environmentally friendly way to offset sensible and latent heat loads produced by equipment ranging from copy machines to light-duty ovens, such as the ones produced by TurboChef. As shown adjacent, TurboChef ovens are well below the EPA, NFPA, and UL limit for emissions requiring a vent hood.

Ventless Submittal Packages

To download helpful information on ventless certifications and approvals for your oven, select from the options below:

Submittal Recommendations*

  1. Determine which agency requires notification, i.e., health, building, or both.
  2. Submit the appropriate package for your oven type.
  3. Include the following items:
    1. HVAC analysis demonstrating adequate cooling exists to offset the oven's load.
    2. Your menu, as ventless operation is not supported when cooking fatty raw proteins.

If you are unsure of your food type, require further assistance, or your request is rejected by local authorities and/or jurisdictions, click here and submit the form or call 800.90TURBO.

*Ultimate ventless allowance is dependent upon AHJ approval, as some jurisdictions may not recognize the UL® certification or application.