With the help of TurboChef Culinary, you truly get the most out of your oven. Our culinary staff is available to help with any cooking questions you may have. You can schedule a full demonstration for any of our products, or work one-on-one to develop optimized cook settings for your specific menu needs. TurboChef culinary can help ensure your products are consistently delicious, no matter who is doing the cooking!

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The online cookbook helps you take full advantage of your TurboChef oven’s extraordinary capabilities. Here you’ll have easy access to hundreds of palette pleasing recipes, specially designed for your specific oven.

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Try Lamb Weston products and save up to $750.00 when you purchase a TurboChef oven.

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Download rebates and view cook settings.

Certified Chef's Training

Whatever your level of expertise in the kitchen, you’ll always learn something new and exciting when you join TurboChef's Certified Chef Training Program.

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